House Republicans Support Governor Hogan’s Veto

Vetoed Bill Will Strip BPW of Oversight of School Construction Program

Annapolis – House Republicans today supported Governor Hogan’s veto of a bill that eliminates Board of Public Works oversight of the school construction process. House Bill 1783 strips approval and real oversight from the Board of Public Works and instead replaces them with a body of unelected political appointees and lobbyists.

“Proponents of this bill will tell you that it takes politics out of the school construction process, but I contend that it does the opposite,” said House Minority Leader Nic Kipke. “This bill injects politics into the school construction process, and it does so at the expense of our children.”

“The Board of Public Works component of this bill is odious,” said Delegate Haven Shoemaker. “I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, I know against whom this bill is directed and you do too. But the press and the people have figured it out too.”

“You’re not taking politics out of anything,” said Delegate Bob Flanagan. “You’re just shifting the power to a nameless, faceless group of appointees and taking it away from the elected officials people know. What this bill says is that the Governor and the Comptroller have sinned by working in a bipartisan way to solve the problems of the people.”

“This has not been a fair process,” said Delegate Mary Beth Carozza. “This is a major government change that we’re moving forward with without public hearings and a public process. Because of that I cannot support this bill and I will be voting to sustain this veto.”

“As a member of the Knott Commission, I would have loved to support this bill,” said Delegate Jeff Ghrist. “But because of a last-minute amendment on an excellent bill, I cannot support this. This amendment is an insult to the members of the Knott Commission who took their time away from their jobs and their families to do this good work. I wanted to support this bill, but I can’t.  I will be supporting the Governor’s veto.”

The Governor’s veto was overridden by a vote of 90-48.

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