House Republicans Issue Statement on Governor’s School Safety Initiatives

Annapolis – House Minority Leader Nic Kipke and House Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga issued the following statement regarding Governor Hogan’s announcements about school safety.

“In the wake of the heart wrenching tragedy that unfolded in Florida it is right for us to be doing everything possible that will actually make our kids safer,” said Delegate Kipke.  “But, we must be certain that we are doing the right things to secure our schools and improve our mental health laws.  The Governor’s announcement today is an important and meaningful measure that will do that.”

“As we learn more of what happened in Florida, we see there were multiple failures across a system designed to protect our children,” said Delegate Szeliga. “We see that we cannot operate under the assumption that our schools are safe and Governor Hogan’s announcement today will help improve the safety of students in Maryland’s schools. It deals not only with the actual hardware and training that protects our students but also acknowledges the critical importance of addressing mental health threats.”




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