House Republican Caucus Unanimously Re-Elects Kipke and Szeliga

Annapolis – House Republicans today unanimously re-elected Delegate Nic Kipke and Delegate Kathy Szeliga to serve as House Minority Leader and House Minority Whip.


Delegates Kipke and Szeliga have served in these leadership rolls since 2013.



“I am grateful to have the continued support of my colleagues,” said Kipke. “It was not long ago when we found Maryland to be in a disastrous state from partisan gerrymandering and a series of challenges that gave Maryland a grim future. In these past four years, thanks to Governor Hogan and the incredible hard work of our members, we have accomplished so much to make our state a better place and we’re just getting started.”

“We expect this coming legislative session to be challenging,” said Delegate Kathy Szeliga. “As this is an election year, many Democrats are focused on rolling back all the good Governor Hogan has done for our state. Our members are ready to stand with Governor Hogan to continue to change Maryland.”


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