Remembering Frederick Douglass

Today we pay tribute to Frederick Douglass, a giant in the fight for racial equality.

Douglass was born a slave in Maryland Frederick Douglassand escaped to freedom at the age of 20. Once free, he began his work to assure that all men could live freely.  He became an activist and political thinker, helping to shape the character of our nation.

Douglass used his newspaper, The North Star, speeches and political involvement to advocate for freedom for slaves and equality of the races.  His autobiography is a textbook on the potential of education to improve and change lives for the better.  To this day, young Americans are inspired by the tale of how he taught himself to read while a slave in Baltimore.

We celebrate the birth of Frederick Douglass today with thanks for his intellect, eloquence and amazing efforts against all odds. As he said, “The Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence, give us a platform broad enough, and strong enough, to support the most comprehensive plans for the freedom and elevation of all the people of this county, without regard to color, class, or clime.”

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