House Minority Leadership Issues Statement on Rain Tax Vote

Raining taxesAnnapolis – In a late voting session on Friday, the House Environment and Transportation voted down Governor Hogan’s legislation to repeal the Storm Water Management Fee, commonly known as the Rain Tax.  The committee voted strictly along party lines. All Republicans supported the repeal, and Democrats voted against repealing the Rain Tax.

House Minority Leader Nic Kipke and Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga released the following statement in response to the committee’s vote:

“It is disappointing that, on a party-line vote, the majority of members on the Environment and Transportation Committee decided to ignore the will of the citizens of the Maryland. The Rain Tax is loathed by our citizens. But, this fight is far from over. There are several other bills that repeal Maryland’s Rain Tax, including one sponsored by Senate President Miller, that are still moving through the legislative process. It does not matter to us who gets the ‘credit’ for this bill, as long as Maryland’s citizens are freed from this unnecessary tax on rain.”


UPDATE: The Committee Roll-Call Vote is available here.

3 thoughts on “House Minority Leadership Issues Statement on Rain Tax Vote

  1. Citizens of this State voted for a change…the majority of voters in this state are puzzled on the outcome of the vote. Change is needed where is the casters reasoning behind their vote… Really your vote has deflated the hopes of many. .as a voter I should know who sits on the committee. .as all should know…

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