House Republicans Ask O’Malley Tough Questions on Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in Maryland

On August 8th, House Minority Leader, Nic Kipke, and House Minority Whip, Kathy Szeliga, sent a letter to Governor O’Malley requesting more information about the unaccompanied immigrant children arriving in Maryland.

“Federal immigration issues aside, I worry about the health and safety of these vulnerable children that have been brought into our state. We also expect to gain a greater understanding of how this major undertaking is being managed and what oversight is in place to ensure that the interests if the citizens of Maryland are protected,” said House Minority Leader Nic Kipke.

Specifically, the letter requested more detailed information about how many unaccompanied minors are currently in Maryland, and how many additional children are expected; as well as the health, shelter, and educational services being provided. Additionally, the letter requested more information on which public and private entities would be providing these services and their related costs.

“Our caucus is concerned about the safety and welfare of these children,” said House Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga. “We are equally concerned about the costs of serving this new influx of immigrants and learning more about the impact on Maryland’s citizens and taxpayers. We encourage the Governor and the Administration to promptly hold a briefing to inform and discuss these serious issues with the state legislature.”

CLICK HERE for a copy of the letter sent to Governor O’Malley.

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