News on Maryland’s Health Exchange Goes From BAD to WORSE

By applying a very complicated principle we like to call “basic math”, something quite literally does not add up when it comes to Maryland’s Health Exchange.

According to testimony yesterday by Secretary Joshua Sharfstien, the chairman of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, 60,000 Marylanders have enrolled in qualified health plans since January 1. When you consider a Baltimore Sun report from November which stated that based on information from the Maryland Insurance Administration, approximately 73,000 policy holders around the state would be losing their health care coverage because of plans not grandfathered in under Obamacare, it seems that Maryland is actually losing ground.

73,000-60,000 = 13,000

So, Maryland paid over $200 million in taxpayer dollars for 13,000 people to LOSE insurance?

That’s really bad. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

The Office of Legislative Audits issued a rather scathing report after their examination of Maryland’s Health Exchange. In the thousands of pages of documents turned over to the auditors, 26% of the documents were “heavily redacted”.

Thomas Barnickel, the Legislative Auditor wrote in his report “Generally we were unable to determine who the key decision makers were, and what decisions were attributable to them.” The full report is available here.

Anthony Brown was rather cavalier in March when he was asked about the looming federal investigation into the Health Care Exchange. But the results of the Maryland investigation prove that he should be, at least a little, concerned.

We’ve said repeatedly that the debacle of Maryland’s Health Exchange has been a failure of leadership. The reality is much, much worse. According to this audit there has been NO leadership from the O’Malley/Brown Administration, and the cost to the taxpayers continues to grow.

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