House Republicans Fight Against Automatic Pay Increases

The subject of automatic pay increases has become more heated as the 2014 Legislative Session comes to a close. Since the start of the session, House Republicans have attempted to force a vote to block automatic pay increases, but have been twice thwarted by the Democratic Majority who has buried the resolutions in the House Rules Committee. A letter was also sent to House Speaker Mike Busch in February protesting the increases. (Click here to read it.)

The above video shows highlights from the floor debate led by Delegate Cathy Vitale (Anne Arundel), Delegate Herb McMillan (Anne Arundel) and Delegate Kelly Schulz (Frederick) where House Republicans attempted to force a floor vote on the pay increases. They were defeated 48-87. Below is a copy of the official voting record. The “yea” votes for were a floor vote on the pay increases, the “nay” votes were against the vote, so effectively a “nay” vote was a vote for a pay increase.


With time in the Session running out, it grows more unlikely that those resolutions will be heard and voted on; and if nothing is done, the pay increase will automatically go into effect.

House Republicans oppose these pay increases because the job of a legislator is supposed to be a part-time job. It’s a job you take for the honor of serving the public, not for a salary. Maryland has a citizen legislature and being a Delegate or Senator was never designed to be full-time employment. This pay increase becomes even more hypocritical as we learned last month that Maryland lost nearly 10,000 jobs in February. The legislators that want to give themselves a raise are the same legislators that raised taxes, tolls and fees more than 80 times over the last 7 years and continue to promote policies that are costing Maryland much-needed jobs as citizens have to work even harder to make this state their home. 

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