42 House Republicans Honored with John Shaw Award by Maryland Business for Responsive Government

COLUMBIA, Md. – Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG), a statewide nonpartisan organization, honored 42 House Republicans for their exemplary track record of supporting pro-business legislation in 2013. They received the prestigious John Shaw Award at a ceremony in Annapolis on February 5th.

Throughout the year, MBRG’s 20-member State Advisory Council selects recorded votes from the most recent General Assembly session that have practical or philosophical importance to the widest possible range of Maryland businesses, trade associations, and chambers of commerce.

MBRG identifies the selected bills in a publication, Roll Call, and analyzes the votes to produce a score for each legislator. For the 2013 analysis, Roll Call analyzed ten Senate votes and twelve House votes, including SB 683 (Labor and Employment – Maryland Wage and Hour Law – Payment of Wages) and HB 226 (Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013).

The award is named for John Shaw, an exemplary citizen and legislator who served his country more than 200 years ago when Annapolis was the nation’s capital. He is best known for creating a distinctive American flag with an eight-pointed star, which is the inspiration for the lapel pins awarded to the honorees.

The following House Republicans were honored with the John Shaw Award:

Kathryn L. Afzali 4A
Susan L. M. Aumann 42
Gail H. Bates 9A
Wendel R. Beitzel 1A
Joseph C. Boteler, III 8
John  W. E. Cluster, Jr. 8
Robert A. Costa 33B
Donald H. Dwyer, Jr. 30
Adelaide C. Eckardt 37B
Donald B. Elliott 4B
Mark N. Fisher 27B
William J. Frank 42
Ronald A. George 30
Glen Glass 34A
Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio 37B
Patrick N. Hogan 3A
Michael J. Hough 3B
Richard K. Impallaria 7
Jay A. Jacobs 36
A. Wade Kach 5B
Nicolaus R. Kipke 31
Susan W. Krebs 9B
Susan K. McComas 35B
Tony McConkey 33A
Michael A. McDermott 38B
Patrick L. McDonough 7
Herbert H. McMillan 30
Warren E. Miller 9A
LeRoy E. Myers, Jr. 1C
Wayne Norman, Jr. 35A
Anthony J. O’Donnell 29C
Charles J. Otto 38A
Neil C. Parrott 2B
Justin D. Ready 5A
Steven R. Schuh 31
Kelly M. Schulz 4A
Andrew A. Serafini 2A
Michael D. Smigiel, Sr. 36
Donna M. Stifler 35A
Nancy R. Stocksdale 5A
Kathy Szeliga 7
Cathleen M. Vitale 33A

Delegate Steve Arentz was appointed to his seat following the 2013 Legislative Session and did not have a voting record to review for this award cycle.

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