2nd Amendment Day 2014

This week, we were happy to welcome hundreds of Second Amendment supporters and advocates to Annapolis for 2nd Amendment Tuesday. Our caucus stands firmly behind the Constitutional rights of Marylanders and we were proud to be alongside so many devoted patriots.

1 thought on “2nd Amendment Day 2014

  1. It bothers me that many Americans will question the right of law abiding citizens to own certain types of guns (the “evil” Assault Rifle) or to own so called “high capacity magazines” which are really the “standard” sized magazines the guns were designed for. Putting aside all political agendas, it is these same people that are “protected” by the police and other security forces armed with the same guns and magazines that are now banned in Maryland. If the police, who respond with strength of numbers, body armor, armored vehicles, helicopters, tear gas and stun grenades feel they need assault rifles and handguns with high capacity magazines to confront a single armed individual why can’t a law abiding citizen equip himself the same way? After all, the criminals are not going to follow these laws and if the police don’t want to be outgunned, neither do I when confronting an intruder in the middle of the night!

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