Just a quick visit to the Maryland Health Connection Website and you’ll quickly see that it has BIG problems. As the O’Malley/Brown Administration rushed head-long to be the first state to implement Obamacare, they forgot to make sure that what they were building actually, you know, worked.

If you go online to shop for health insurance on this site much of the plan details listed are wrong or says “no data available.” This creates the risk that a consumer might buy a product and with no idea of what they have really purchased. You cannot even get something as simple as information on which doctors are in the plan network. Ctrl+Alt+Delete

The O’Malley-Brown Administration leads the public to believe that all these problems have come from the large amount of traffic to the website. However, these problems exist no matter what time of day you access the website.

Over 80% of the spending done for Maryland’s Health Care Exchange has been information technology expenditures – over $160 MILLION of taxpayer dollars that have been spent for a system that doesn’t really work.

With this profound level of “efficiency” is there any wonder why people don’t want government involved in their healthcare?

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