Maryland Republican Leadership Issues Statement on Gov. Rick Perry’s Visit to Maryland

Annapolis, Md. – House and Senate Republican Leaders and the State Republican Party issued the following joint statement today commenting on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Visit to Maryland:

“It is no surprise that Gov. Rick Perry sees Maryland’s businesses as ripe for a cross country move to Texas, or anywhere else for that matter. Governor O’Malley’s record of more than 70 tax and fee increases, loss of more than 90,000 jobs, and an increasingly unfriendly business climate are just the tip of the iceberg forcing Maryland’s business owners out of the state.

But there is another option. The fixes needed to ignite the economy in Maryland are simple. We must make our tax rates competitive. By doing this one thing, small and large business will not be tempted out of state to far away places like Texas or to tax-friendly neighbor states like Virginia.

Instead of following Gov. Perry to Texas, business owners should stay and fight with their vote. We can put Maryland back on track if we elect a Republican Governor next year, along with many new Republican Delegates and Senators. Republican legislators continue to present business-friendly budgets and policies and fight the tax and spend Democrat myopia. Maryland can be a business-friendly state; we just need disgruntled citizens, business owners and tax payers to use their vote to de-throne the Democratic establishment.”

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