Rally Against Taxing and Spending Tomorrow in Annapolis!

We need you to bring the TAX REVOLT to Annapolis tomorrow (Thursday 3/22/12) at noon. Bring your friends, family members and fellow taxpayers. Here are some ways you can help tomorrow:

•There will be a group of cars circling the State House starting at noon honking their horns and showing their opposition to increased spending.

•You could stand with posters opposing the elimination of the tax ca…p, stopping tax increases, and asking the government to hold the line on spending.

•For those of you who would like to witness the debate first hand I invite you into the House Chamber in the gallery wearing shirts that say, “no new taxes.”

The House Republicans will be debating the State budget and fighting AGAINST all new spending and tax increases. Join the 96% of Maryalnders that are taxed ENOUGH.

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