House Republicans Sign Prosperity Pledge for Maryland

Annapolis – Republican leaders and candidates for the Maryland House of Delegates today unveiled the Prosperity Pledge for Maryland – a pledge to lower taxes, bring back jobs, and make government transparent and accountable to the people.

“After decades of one-party rule in Annapolis, Maryland’s citizens are suffering,” said House Minority Leader Anthony O’Donnell.  “They are paying higher taxes during record levels of unemployment, and their government continues to burn through their hard-earned money. This state is at a crossroads and without a significant change in November this unchecked appetite for spending is going to lead to higher taxes.”

The Prosperity Pledge is built around four pillars; a roll back and repeal of the O’Malley tax increases, bringing jobs back; restoring Maryland’s sovereignty during a time of increasing overreaches by the Federal Government; and making Maryland’s government transparent and accountable to its citizens.

“Around this state and around our country we are seeing citizens take their government back,” said House Minority Whip Christopher Shank.  “The citizens are rejecting the irresponsible spending of their tax dollars and demanding an accountable government. But among the Democratic establishment this demand is falling on deaf ears.  This Pledge is a clear message to the citizens of Maryland that they have a choice in this election – that they can avoid the higher taxes and the continuous downward spiral that the Democratic monopoly will lead them to.”

More than 40 House candidates and incumbents signed the Pledge today and additional signing ceremonies are being planned on the local level over the next few weeks.

Signers of the Prosperity Pledge for Maryland are:

Delegate Anthony O’Donnell, District 29C

Delegate Christopher Shank, District 2B

Delegate Ron George, District 30

Candidate Robert Long, District 6

Candidate Henry Kahwaty, District 14

Candidate Matt Morgan, District 29A

Candidate Holly Henderson, District 26

Candidate Sylvia Darrow, District 15

Candidate Patricia Fenati, District 14

Candidate Joseph Hooe, District 12A

Candidate Bill Witham, District 39

Candidate Seth Howard, District 30

Candidate Margaret Moodie, District 23A

Candidate Kat Nelson, District 21

Candidate Craig Frick, District 17

Candidate Mark Ehrlichmann, District 41

Candidate Wayne Smith, District 32

Delegate Susan Krebs, District 9B

Candidate J. Michael Collins, District 11

Candidate Carol Byrd, District 11

Delegate Tony McConkey, District 33A

Candidate Jeff Robinson, District 13

Delegate Nic Kipke, District 31

Delegate Steve Schuh, District 31

Candidate Stephanie Hodges, District 32

Candidate Michael Hough, District 3B

Candidate Al Phillips, District 39

Candidate Steven Smith, District 11

Candidate Meyer Marks, District 16

Delegate Susan McComas, District 35B

Candidate Herb McMillan, District 30

Candidate Matt Mockerman, District 15

Candidate Dustin Mills, District 37A

Candidate Marty Pusey, District 38B

Candidate Jeanne Turnock, District 10

Candidate David Starr, District 32

Delegate Warren Miller, District 9A

Delegate Michael Smigiel, District 36

Delegate Gail Bates, District 9A

Candidate Linn Rivera, District 19

Candidate Mark Fisher, District 27B

Delegate LeRoy Myers, District 1C

Candidate Patrick Hogan, District 3A

Candidate Jason Papanikolas, District 21

Delegate Addie Eckardt, District 37B

Candidate Daniel Richards, District 28

Candidate Charles Otto, District 38A

Candidate Jay Jacobs, District 36

Candidate Justin Ready, District 5A

The full text of the Prosperity Pledge for Maryland can be viewed here.


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