House Democrats Vote to Support Tax Increases

ANNAPOLIS – House Democrats today made their appetite for future tax increases very clear.

House Minority Whip Christopher Shank offered an amendment to the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act (SB 141) that would have expressed the intent of the General Assembly not to raise, expand, or create new taxes over the next four years.  This amendment was offered after a series of Republican-sponsored amendments to reduce the budget and eliminate the structural deficit were rejected.

“It is clear from the debate on the budget and rejection of our amendments that there is no political will in the General Assembly to truly reduce spending,” said Minority Leader Anthony J. O’Donnell.  “Our budget analysts have told us that we are at the bottom of the barrel and there are no more funds to raid.  If spending is not truly reduced, taxes are the Democrats’ only option.”

“It is time to level with the citizens of Maryland,” said Delegate Christopher Shank.  “While tax increases will not be pursued this year, rejecting this amendment makes it clear that the Democrats in the General Assembly plan to raise taxes after the election – just as we saw in 2007.”

The amendment was rejected 39-94.

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