Martin O’Malley’s Spending Plan Kicks Can to the End of the Road

The Maryland House Republican Caucus today responded to Governor Martin O’Malley’s Fiscal Year 2011 spending plan by characterizing it as a template for Governor O’Malley’s mismanagement of the state of Maryland.  The spending plan includes increases in state spending, the cleaning out of the state’s paltry special fund balances, place markers for more federal bailout money and leaves a $1.5 billion deficit for next year, which grows to more than $2 billion the year after.  It also increases the governor’s staff budget, provides more environmental giveaways and continues the ongoing bloat at the University System of Maryland.   The House Minority Caucus released the following statement:

 “This spending plan by Governor Martin O’Malley shows his abject refusal to get Maryland on a fiscally responsible path,” House Minority Leader Tony O’Donnell said.  “It leaves us with a $400 million hole this year, $1.5 billion next year and at least another $2 billion hole the year after that. He says he’s reducing spending but that’s not the reality.  The fact is that he is spending more Maryland tax dollars this year while hoping for another bailout from Congress and the White House.  Maryland has no more road for Martin to kick the fiscal can down.  We are broke because of this governor and his allies in the General Assembly.”

 Minority Whip Chris Shank added, “Our special funds are bankrupted.  Our transportation funds are long gone.  The remaining businesses Maryland has are set to go broke because of the policies of this administration and the majority in the General Assembly.  Honest talk from this governor would require him to tell Maryland’s taxpayers that he’s going to raise their taxes again next year.  That’s not likely to happen.”

 O’Donnell concluded, “Enough is enough!  It is time that this governor and the majority in the General Assembly start listening to the citizens of Maryland and get our fiscal house in order.  Stop the election year buyoffs and start managing the people’s money for a better future today.”

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