House Republican Caucus Calls for Immediate Investigation of ACORN

As has been reported in both local and national media, a video was released on Thursday apparently showing Baltimore employees of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) instructing a purported prostitute and pimp in techniques and methods by which the two can engage in criminal activity while maintaining a false front of legality. Today, the House Republican Caucus called for an immediate investigation into the actions of the ACORN employees shown in the video, the possibility of additional similar instances, and the potential misuse of taxpayer funds by ACORN in supporting such activities.

“It is imperative that an investigation be launched immediately by the Attorney General, Baltimore State’s Attorney, and the US Attorney’s Office for Maryland into the activities possibly undertaken by ACORN and its employees in this case, and to determine if any laws have been broken and if there are other such cases as yet undiscovered” said Delegate Anthony J. O’Donnell, House Minority Leader. “The video alone appears to provide evidence that ACORN’s employees may have engaged in acts of potential criminal conspiracy. It is astonishing that ACORN employees appear to give advice to two persons apparently believed to be planning the establishment of a brothel to specialize in the trafficking and abusive manipulation of minor girls illegally brought to the US. These persons appear to have asked for, and received, advice from ACORN on how to engage in racketeering, fraud, and the systematic sexual abuse of children.”

The Minority Leader and Whip sent letters today to Attorney General Gansler, Baltimore State’s Attorney Patricia Jessamy, and US Attorney Rod Rosenstein asking each of them to engage their offices in a detailed investigation of this incident and to ascertain whether other similar activities have occurred. Additionally, as ACORN receives public funds through various sources, the letter requested an examination of funding to establish if there is evidence of misuse of taxpayer monies.

“Taxpayer dollars meant to directly support community development and leadership programs have been, instead, used to encourage criminal activity and the commercial sexual exploitation of children” said Delegate Christopher B. Shank, House Minority Whip. “The manner in which ACORN receives its public funds is circuitous and confusing. Our law enforcement officers at the state and federal levels should investigate this matter diligently and forcefully to bring this rogue group to justice. ”

“The law-abiding citizens of Maryland have a vested interest in ensuring that not only are so-called altruistic organizations not conspiring in criminal activity, but moreover, that their tax dollars are not being distributed in such a manner as to support it” concluded Delegate O’Donnell. “We are looking forward to hearing from the officials to whom we have communicated our concerns as to how they intend to respond to this issue.”

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