Supplemental brings O’Malley’s increase in spending to $1,500,000,000 for next year


The Maryland House Minority Caucus today lambasted Governor O’Malley for his second supplemental budget that spends $900,000,000 more and was released with less than a week before the end of the legislative session.  The supplemental budget brings O’Malley’s proposed increase in spending up to $1,500,000,000 for 2010.  It also increases the size of state government, in some agencies by a staggering 891%.  Because of the out-of-control spending by the O’Malley Administration and his decision to clean out the state’s reserve funds, the Governor is leading Maryland towards bankruptcy and setting the stage for more tax increases within the next two years.  The House Minority Caucus released the following statement:


“Governor O’Malley was counting on no one paying attention to the supplemental budget he dropped this week which spends $900,000,000 more, bringing his spending increases to $1,500,000,000 for next year,” House Minority Leader Tony O’Donnell said.  “He was wrong: we are watching and Maryland’s taxpayers are watching.  As the rest of us have to cut back because of this economy, Governor O’Malley is being dangerously reckless with Marylanders’ money as they struggle to pay their bills, hold onto their jobs, and put food on their tables.  He cannot use taxpayers’ money to fund his irresponsibility and set up his re-election campaign.  Governor O’Malley’s budget is taking us down the dangerous path of bankrupting Maryland and increasing taxes on the same people he shook down for $1,300,000,000 a year and a half ago.”


O’Donnell continued, “Governor O’Malley must only believe in transparency when it suits him—not the public.”


House Minority Whip Chris Shank added, “Governor O’Malley has emptied nearly all state funds, leaving us no cushion as the recession drags on, while continuing to spend irresponsibly and bloat state government all over again.  He wants to increase the size of state government to a level we cannot sustain, cannot afford, and after he furloughed and threatened to layoff current state employees.  It is a slap in the face to the hard working state employees and the hard working Maryland taxpayers.”


Governor O’Malley’s second supplemental budget increases the Maryland Energy Administration by 891%, the Comptroller’s Office by 21%, Maryland Health Insurance Plan by nearly 23%, the Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority by nearly 20%, the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation by 19%, and the Department of Housing and Community Development by 14%. 


House Appropriations Ranking Member Delegate Gail Bates said, “Many Marylanders are struggling to pay their electricity bills and facing shut offs.  Governor O’Malley has drained the Energy Assistance Fund to help low income Marylanders with their bills and put most of that money in the General Fund.  Yet now he unbelievably wants to grow the bureaucracy at the Maryland Energy Administration by 891%.  He’s certainly not standing shoulder to shoulder with the thousands of Marylanders that believed him when he said he’d stop the electricity rate hikes.”

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